Amazing Benefits of Brown Country Sugar – Nattu Sakkarai

Nattu Sakkarai refers to organic country sugar, often known as unprocessed sugar. Organic brown sugar is another name for it. Nattu sakkarai, or country sugar, is a dehydrated version of jaggery that is fully pure and unadulterated. When using Jaggery powder instead of white sugar, there are several health benefits. Learn the difference between white sugar and brown sugar.

Some information about the health risks of regular white sugar consumption.

People are progressively shifting toward organic products as a result of worldwide exposure to food adulteration and chemicals used in the manufacturing of natural foods. Sugar is something that everyone eats on a regular basis. The sugar business has created the perception that whiter sugar is of higher quality. Sugar is dark by nature and is bleached to become white. The organic minerals in the sugarcane extract are also removed throughout the procedure.

Health benefits of Nattu sakkarai

Strengthens the bones

Nattu Sakkarai is a calcium-rich food. Even when broken down to tiny crystals, this type of jaggery powder contains the same quantity of calcium. This organic sugar can boost bone health and aid in the development of stronger bones in youngsters. Every day, it may be mixed with basic fruit juice or milk. Get to know Nattu Sakkarai better.

Food cravings are reduced.

When white sugar enters the body, it is quickly pushed into the internal system. As a result, it promotes the need for more sugar. However, country sugar satisfies the demand for more sugar rather than increasing the desire to consume more food. As a result, by consuming country sugar on a daily basis, one can avoid eating junk food. It’s also worth noting that brown sugar has a lower Glycemic index than processed sugar. As a result, it’s a better choice than white sugar.

Aids in weight loss

When comparing the calories in jaggery and white sugar, they are nearly identical.  Country sugar is high in minerals like zinc and potassium, which assist your body maintain its electrolyte balance and improve weight reduction. When comparing the Glycemic index values of Jaggery and White sugar, it is clear that Jaggery is the preferable choice.


It functions as a cleanse by removing toxins from the body. It cleanses the liver and other internal organs of contaminants. It also improves the body’s general performance and endurance.


Prevents constipation
This organic country sugar contains minerals and complex compounds that assist to reduce constipation and enhance bowel movements.

Prevents free-radicals
Antioxidants found in country sugar help to protect the body from free radicals. It also aids in the slowing of the ageing process, which aids in living a healthy life.

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